Don’t let your window screens interfere with the beauty your windows are meant to display! Take advantage of screen cleaning services from Nortex Windows. Window screens are fragile and are subject to wear and tear during cleaning. Trying to eliminate hard dirt, grime and debris from the delicate screen construction will bend the frames making them unattractive and obtrusive. Why risk ruining your window screens when you can rely on a professional licensed, skilled and experienced company with extensive window screen cleaning experience to handle all your large and small window screen cleaning needs? The crew at Nortex Windows provides quality window screen cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties in large and small office complexes and industrial buildings. Our cleaning process is simple. We remove the screens, lay a tarp down on your driveway and hand wash both sides of the screen with a soft bristle brush and then rinse with water.  The screens then air dry and are gently reinstalled on the window.