Fixture Cleaning

Our staff is highly experienced with cleaning and restoring all of the following fixtures:


Nortex Windows specializes in cleaning chandeliers of all sizes, all types (brass, iron, glass, crystal), and at any wall or ceiling height for both residential and commercial properties.  If your chandelier is looking a bit dreary and its normal beauty and brilliance faded, it is time for a thorough professional cleaning. Although you may be tempted to undertake a do-it-yourself project, cleaning a chandelier is not as simple as it seems. These delicate fixtures are built with multiple parts such as floating prisms, electrical wiring, light bulbs & receptacles, candelabra, and frame. Frames are made of various materials such as glass, crystal, bronze, brass, iron, silver or etc; each unique material requires specialized cleaning agents. Fixtures include lightweight single tiers with lights and drops to those that weigh several hundred pounds and need professional chandelier cleaning techniques and specialized equipment to prevent damage.  Each individual piece is hand treated with a safe, non-abrasive cleanser that removes discoloration, dust and debris. We never use harsh agents that could damage any of your chandeliers. After cleaning, each piece is dried to avoid water spots on crystals or moisture around electrical receptacles.

Ceiling Fans

We clean ceiling fans of all sizes. Since they are often difficult to reach, we can provide an experienced contractor to come to your home or office and efficiently clean each fan. You’ll like how your newly polished fan will look!  Like chandeliers, ceiling fans collect dust, cobwebs, and allergens. They also disperse these same elements into the air in your home or office creating an unhealthy environment. It’s a good idea to have your ceiling fans routinely cleaned which keeps them looking great while keeping the air clean.  Another advantage of regular cleanings is that it keeps your ceiling fan working properly which will extend its life. Dust buildup hinders your fan from working at optimum capacity. We clean out all the dust from all your fan’s working parts, blades, lights, bulbs, bulb casing, and other parts, and get it to running at peak performance.

Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures

Your light fixtures can be a very expensive accessory inside and outside of your home. They provide light in the dark when the sun goes down. Although, your lightfixtures are beautiful, they can also be hard to reach, fragile and can be an expensive cost if poorly handled.  At Nortex Windows, we clean your light fixture with a non-abrasive cleaner and will make the glass look like new again.

High Dusting and Light Bulb Replacement

Do not try this at home! Nortex windows follows complete safety requirements to effectively dust all high, hard to reach areas in your home or commercial location. While we have our tall ladders out, let us also replace those light bulbs in those impossible to reach ceilings or walls. Also, keep your family safe by having Nortex Windows replace the batteries in your smoke detector.

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