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NorTex Windows was founded in 2013 and is family owned and operated. When you use a small business like ours, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a Mom and Dad put food on the table and save for college.  Thank you for choosing a small company your patronage is invaluable to us.



Ashley learned the window cleaning industry at the young age of 14.  Her father was starting his own window cleaning company and she watched and helped him grow the business in her free time.  Over the years she saw the up’s, down’s, blood, sweat and tears that it takes to start a small business.  She grew to respect her father’s hard work and his charismatic ways with his customers.

Ashley was attending college and left early to start a family.  Married at the young age of 20 and her first child by 24, Ashley was quickly settling into the life of being a stay-at-home mother and would work periodically for her father.  In 2012, Ashley unexpectedly lost her father and best-friend.  Devastated by the loss she could do nothing but eventually move forward in life. Once her feet were back on the ground she was struck with yet another overwhelming event, the loss of her children’s father 11 months later.  Now a single Mom needing to provide for two young children, it was time to get a plan in action and she decided to do what she knew best, window cleaning.  In, 2013 Nortex Windows was born.  Many customers whom she knew and serviced previously for many years, happily changed from their current window cleaning company and chose to use her up-and-coming business.  Not only did they know the impeccable and flawless work she was capable of, they loved the idea of helping a woman grow a local, small business.  Many customers she has known since she was only 14!

Ashley says, “there have been many trials and tribulations being a small business owner but there is nothing more that I love than being the one responsible for putting a smile on my customers face when I provide them with immaculately cleaned windows.”

In 2015 Ashley met her knight and shinning armor, Travis, who later joined her in growing the family owned business, Nortex Windows.  They were married in January 2017 and continue to happily work side-by-side as husband and wife.  Together they are an impeccable team who you would love to have in your home cleaning for you and bringing the light and view back to your home.



Since graduating, Travis has worked for a couple of different companies learning various trades such as; painting, framing, roofing and four years with installing all types of flooring.  Well versed in certain skilled labor areas, but wanting something more corporate with benefits, Travis went to work for one of the largest hardware stores.  After over four years of moving up the corporate ladder, Travis met Ashley and decided to leave all that behind and help her full-time with Nortex Windows. Nervous at first with no longer having a “guaranteed income,” Travis quickly learned that now he was in charge of how much money he could make.  He says “you have to work hard, provide quality service for your customers and the sky is the limit.”

Ashley trained Travis herself on window cleaning and some of the other services Nortex windows offers.

With 2 years of experience under his belt, Ashley says “He cleans better, more efficient and has much better attention to detail than other window cleaners I have seen in the industry with 20 years experience.  He is a natural!”

Travis has really stepped up to the plate and filled some big shoes for Ashley and her children.  He is raising her daughter and son as if they were his own and works effortlessly to provide for his new family.  One day he hopes to have a child of his own with Ashley, until then, he is puts all his time and determination to taking Nortex Windows to the next level.  Travis says “no matter what it takes, I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure my wife and two beautiful children are well taken care of and our Window Cleaning Company will provide me with the means.”

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